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    Reading minds: the psychology behind UX design

    by  • 06/05/2016 • 0 Comments

    If we were to gather a hundred different designers into one room and ask them one-by-one how they approach UX design, we would get approximately one hundred different answers. It’s frightening to admit, but UX design isn’t an exact science. There’s a wealth of psychology behind every element of the user experience, but knowing...

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    Can Corporate And Creative Cultures Ever Truly Merge?

    by  • 04/04/2016 • 0 Comments

    No. And that’s okay, write Accenture’s Olof Schybergson and Baiju Shah. It has been said that the No. 1 job of a CEO (and the entire C-Suite, really) is to cultivate culture. The notion being that if a strong culture exists, everything else—employee morale, customer satisfaction, and more—will fall into place. But what happens...

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    How Workplace Design Influences Worker Productivity

    by  • 31/03/2016 • 0 Comments


    Whether you work in an office building or from a home office, the design of your workplace definitely influences the quality and speed of your work. This especially true when it comes to tasks which require focus. Studies examining productivity at work have shown that the physical space in which people work has the...

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    25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known

    by  • 18/02/2016 • 1 Comment

    Self Improvement

    What you will find below is a list of the most important things learned from other people and books. We might learn things quickly, but we often forget things at the same rate—and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the things we’ve learned. Here are 25 of those reminders that others taught me....

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    Boost Your Creative Achievements by Playing to Your Personality Type

    by  • 11/02/2016 • 1 Comment

    Did you know that your personality might hold the key to your creative achievements? A 2014 study published in The Journal of Creative Behavior looked into whether there were connections between personality, work process, and creativity. The writers (Guillaume Furst, Paolo Ghisletta, and Todd Lubart) put forward that your personality predicts how you work, which predicts the...

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    Cinemagraphs – Digital Trend 2016

    by  • 04/02/2016 • 0 Comments

    Bring still pictures to life with Cinemagraphs Cinemagraph is currently the buzz word in the digital world and the concept has gained great popularity in the media industry alike. Cinemagraphs allow you to enhance the visual effect of still images by adding motion to certain elements of the image, while the rest of the...

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    9 insights UX designers must know

    by  • 26/01/2016 • 0 Comments

    “We’re lazy, we’re damn lazy and we’re really busy. We don’t make the best choices — we’d rather just muddle through a process. We don’t take time to figure things out. We’re creatures of habit. Your thing is just not important to me.” — Steve Krug. How I hope my life doesn’t end Before we had even finished...

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    Top Web Design Trends To Watch In 2016

    by  • 22/01/2016 • 0 Comments


    Web design industry is an ever-changing space and there are many trends that come and go. 2015 has been another amazing year for technological advancement and we’ve seen some incredible websites. You shouldn’t expect radical changes in 2016. We’ll see some current trends growing bigger, some of them slowly fading away and some smaller...

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    Misused mobile UX patterns

    by  • 13/11/2015 • 0 Comments

    If you are an experienced designer, you probably agree that being inspired by others is not stealing in UI design. It’s best practice research. It’s using design patterns. It’s following the guidelines. It’s making sure to use patterns that your users are familiar with to create usable interfaces. Some might say that sticking to...

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    Modern Architecture & Beautiful House Designs. Hell Yeah!

    by  • 30/09/2015 • 0 Comments

    Hand-picked contemporary house designs with beautiful architectural concept designs from all over the globe. These galleries contain hot design trends and features everything from small wooden cottages to large modern skyscrapers. Put together by architects who’s really pushing the envelope by playing with unusual shapes and materials to create truly unique house designs. Some...

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    The Most Recognizable Thing on the Planet

    by  • 08/09/2015 • 0 Comments

    An eye-tracking study of the use of the hamburger menu on desktop websites. I know, you are reading this thinking “just what I need, another opinion on the use of the hamburger menu”. Apple says “I’d prefer you didn’t…“, Google material design guidelines say “sure, but design it like this…“, Jacob Nielsen says “try...

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