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    A decade ago, this feature would have been completely redundant. The phone you had didn’t define you as a person so much as the amount of money you had and how much money you could be bothered spending on the damn thing. Today in 2014, however, our mobile phones are so much more a...

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    8 Questions Powerful People Ask Themselves Every Day

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    Powerful people, intelligent people, wise people, the most grounded people, all do one thing that most others don’t: They talk to themselves. They’re not crazy. In fact, they’re quite the opposite. Powerful individuals understand that nothing in their lives, themselves included, is stable continuously forever. Things change. People change. The only way to stay...

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    Responsive Design vs. Adaptive Delivery

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    There has been a pretty aggressive sales curve away from the PC and towards mobile devices. 2012 marked the year that PC sales were projected to be lower than the previous calendar year and tablet sales are expected to exceed 100 million this year. While the growth of the mobile web isn’t news today, the...

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    Mobile UI Design Inspiration

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    Here’s some serious design inspiration for your next mobile UI project. Phone Dialer for Android  Designer Info Source Nyooz – Top trending stories  Designer Info Source Mixi’t Redesign for ios 7  Designer Info Source The Dare Arts App Design  Designer Info Source WhatsApp Redesign  Designer Info Source Vehicle Tracking System  Designer Info Source Instagram | Redesign  Designer Info Source White Noise...

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    15 awe-inspiring skateboard designs

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    Who wouldn’t want to be seen on these beautifully designed decks? We gather together 15 incredible skateboard graphics for your inspiration and delight. Skateboard graphics provide a canvas for companies to produce artwork that connects with skateboarders the world over. Each design symbolises the company ethos and the personality of the artist, as well...

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    18 pivotal web design trends for 2014

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    What web design trends do you think we’ll see in 2014? I’m betting on more simplicity, more cleanliness, and more focus on smaller screen sizes, among other things. This collection is largely based on observation, vaguely educated guesswork, waving a finger in the air, and a bunch of other posts I’ve compiled in recent...

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