• 7 Tips for Designing Consistency

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    Consistency will make your design better, easier to use, and practically invisible. It gives the user plenty of room to experience the design in the way you intend. Designing for consistency is a no-brainer in some cases and a little trickier to understand in others. Quite simply, consistency is the thread that ties together...

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    Intuitive UI & How it Can Help Improve UX

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    If you see two user experience designers talking to each other, the topic of discussion would most probably be revolving around “intuitive user interface”. For any design project these days, the foremost criteria is probably on how tomake it intuitive. In fact, intuitive has become the most common adjective of the user interface. Given...

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    Essential design trends, July 2016

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    Designers are changing the rules for web design, thanks to creative problem solving. Auto-play sound, mixing real and illustrated images and even layering logos on top of photos are some of the hottest design techniques right now and all three concepts were considered taboo not that long ago. Here’s what’s trending in design this...

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    Understanding How User Experience Designers Think And Work

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    User Experience Designers Think And Work

    Perhaps you’re a well-seasoned UX Designer, a kick-ass multidisciplinary designer or even a new designer who’s looking to get into the field of UX (User-Experience), you’ve travelled across the vast interwebs to learn more about UX and you know how reading essay-like materials can be very time-consuming. Helpful, yes, but sometimes you just want...

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    Reading minds: the psychology behind UX design

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    If we were to gather a hundred different designers into one room and ask them one-by-one how they approach UX design, we would get approximately one hundred different answers. It’s frightening to admit, but UX design isn’t an exact science. There’s a wealth of psychology behind every element of the user experience, but knowing...

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    Can Corporate And Creative Cultures Ever Truly Merge?

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    No. And that’s okay, write Accenture’s Olof Schybergson and Baiju Shah. It has been said that the No. 1 job of a CEO (and the entire C-Suite, really) is to cultivate culture. The notion being that if a strong culture exists, everything else—employee morale, customer satisfaction, and more—will fall into place. But what happens...

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    How Workplace Design Influences Worker Productivity

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    Whether you work in an office building or from a home office, the design of your workplace definitely influences the quality and speed of your work. This especially true when it comes to tasks which require focus. Studies examining productivity at work have shown that the physical space in which people work has the...

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    Animation in Mobile UX Design

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    Well-designed animations make the experience feel crafted. In a human-centered design approach, where the user is the prime focus, animation actually creates a feeling of well-being once it’s discovered by users. As a designer, recognizing the invisibility of animations is just as important as designing them. Because you have to create something that feels...

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    9 Design Prophecies for 2019 – The Future Draws Closer

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    The future starts today, not tomorrow. 1. Serendipity Flashes Serendipity — luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for. We’re seeing the rise of serendipitous moments — spontaneous, unprovoked pop-up instances of joy and intrigue! As designers, our primary responsibility is to deliver delight to users in every way, shape,...

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